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Pet Care

The right Pet Meds you need to keep your Dogs & Cats fit and healthy

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  1. Protexin Pro-Kolin+ Dogs & Cats

    Pro-Kolin+ is a carefully formulated probiotic and intestinal calming product for use in cats and dogs.

    • Very palatable
    • Contains a number of different ingredients designed to contribute in different ways
    • Settles diarrhoea quickly and safely.
    Price From: £14.40
  2. Adaptil Collar

    • Is easy to use and convenient.
    • Releases dog appeasing pheromone constantly, even when the dog is outside.
    • Is encouraged to diffuse pheromones into the local environment, using the dog's body temperature and close contact to warm the collar. It is essential the Adaptil Collar is in close contact with the dog’s skin at all times.
    Price From:
    RRP £27.88
  3. Adaptil Transport Spray 60ml

    Adaptil has been proven to help reduce stress in puppies and adult dogs, helping them deal with challenging situations such as:

    • Loud noises and fireworks
    • Staying in kennels
    • Travelling
    • Being left home alone
    • Visiting the Vets
    • Going to the groomers
    RRP £33.60
  4. Adaptil Calm Plug In Diffuser & Refill

    Adaptil to help reduce stress in puppies and adult dogs, dealing with challenging situations such as:

    • Loud noises and fireworks
    • Staying in kennels
    • Travelling
    • Being left home alone
    • Visiting the vets
    • Going to the groomers


    RRP £22.37
  5. Malabeze Medicated Shampoo 500ml

    A neutral pH shampoo suitable for a variety of dermatological situations.

    • Antibacterial
    • Antifungal
    • Deodorising
    • Gentle
    RRP £24.00
  6. Feliway Cystease Capsules

     Urinary tract supplements for cats. Specially formulated to help:

    • Relieve discomfort of Idiopathic cystitis
    • Restore bladder lining
    • Reduce anxiety


    Price From:
    RRP £8.78
  7. YuCALM Dog

    YuCALM Dog’s natural, scientifically proven ingredients help your dog cope with stress. It’s ideal for pets who are fearful of fireworks, other dogs, strangers, and other triggers.
    • A complete formula to support a calm and happy dog- that's suitable to use short and long term
    • Safe and all-natural ingredients
    • Helps reduce stress
    • Supports calm behaviour
    • Eases anxiety
    • Results within a week - 3 to 6 weeks to see full benefits
    RRP £47.00
  8. Feliscratch by Feliway

    FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY® is a simple answer to your cat’s inappropriate scratching in the home.

    • When scratching, cats mark their territory by leaving visual (lacerations) and chemical messages from their paws. This scent message, undetectable to us, is a pheromone known as the feline interdigital semiochemical. Scratching can also be a sign of stress in cats.
    • FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY® is a copy of this pheromone. When applied on the desired scratching surface, it mimics the visual and chemical signals to encourage the cat to scratch there again.
    • FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY® has been clinically proven to help reduce or stop unwanted scratching in the home, displayed both on vertical and horizontal surfaces, and redirect cats to their scratching post.
    RRP £34.82
  9. Aktivait Capsules for Dogs and Cats

    A nutritional supplement to aid a healthy central nervous system and support brain function in older dogs and cats, Aktivait helps to avoid free radical damage and promotes brain signals.

    Price From: £22.00
  10. YuCARE Tooth Polish

    YuCARE Tooth Polish contains natural Flax Seed oil, Almond oil, Babassu oil, Salmon oil, Himalayan salt and Silica. It’s 100% natural, with no chemical preservatives. Used regularly, it helps to remove tartar and plaque for bright teeth and healthy gums. It’s tasty and can be fully digested by dogs and cats.

    • For whiter teeth and fresher breath
    • Effective removal of plaque and tartar
    • Promotes healthy teeth and gums
    • Suitable for dogs and cats
    RRP £21.60

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Pet Care- Dogs & Cats

A selection of top quality products and pet remedy solutions, allowing you to properly care for your pet.

Everything you need to keep your cats and dogs fit and healthy.

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