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First Aid & Cleaning

A wide selection of Horse First Aid Kits specially tailored to treat illness and injury in equine animals

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  1. First Aid Kit

    Fellowes Farm Equine Clinic Equine First Aid Kit contains all you need to have at hand for provision of First Aid to your horse.

    Includes explanatory notes for all its constituents.

    Great value when compared to other First Aid kits on the market.

    RRP £70.00
  2. Animalintex Hoof Poultice Pack of 3

    • Animalintex Hoof Treatment is a pre-cut impregnated hoof dressing.
    • Pre-cut to hoof shape for economy and convenience, for the rapid treatment of foot conditions including abcesses.
    RRP £10.00
  3. Vetrol Cotton Wool 500g

    Vetrol Cotton Wool 500g 30cm.

    The executive range of embossed cotton wools. 100% cotton wool, embossed to provide consistent density, structure and thickness to help reduce uneven pressure areas.

  4. Robinsons Veterinary Gamgee 500g

    • Soft cotton wool layer and traditional cotton gauze cover
    • Highly absorbent secondary wound dressing
    • Provides padding and protection to minimise wound trauma
    • Ideal for general swabbing
    RRP £12.41
  5. Vetrol VDT 50mm Grey Adhesive Tape (Waterproof)

    A waterproof adhesive tape suitable for all foot/hoof bandages.

    RRP £6.66
  6. Vetrol VX100 Cohesive Bandage 10cm

    • Protects wounds and holds sterile dressings in place.
    • Protects horses' legs from rundown.
    • Allows skin to breath and avoids maceration.
    • Excellent conformability to the body contours.
    RRP £5.00
  7. Vet-Plast 7.5 cm x 4.5 m

    Vet-Plast is an elastic adhesive bandage with an open weave for effective ventilation.

    RRP £9.00
  8. Aluspray 210ml

    Use for protection of wounds. A superficial application onto wounds once or twice daily to produce a fine coating of the powder. For optimal use wounds should be cleaned, disinfected and sutured if necessary before the application of Aluminium Spray. 

    RRP £19.75
  9. Animalintex Poultice Dressing


    • Super-absorbent material dressing made from needled cotton wool.
    • Combining active ingredients proven to reduce inflammation when hot, and stem bleeding when dry.
    • Anti-inflammatory and poulticing, the dressing is the must have product for all tack boxes.
    • Self-adhesive and plastic-backed, can be applied with ease, making it highly practical, strong and durable.
    RRP £6.00
  10. Dermisol Cream

    Dermisol Cream is used:

    • To promote the rapid healing of wounds particularly when this process is impaired by the presence of necrotic tissue, coagulum or debris.
    • Dermisol is suitable for use following traumatic injury, surgical wounds, infected wounds.

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Horse First Aid Kit

Everything you need to provide equine first aid, from bandages through to aluminium spray, ready to order online

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