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Calmex Sachets (Pack of 24)


Calmex® Equine is a specially blended, complementary feed designed to be fed to nervous, anxious or temperamental horses.

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RRP £80.00

Availability: In stock

RRP £80.00

Availability: In stock

Calmex Sachets (Pack of 24)

Calmex® Equine is a specially blended, complementary feed designed to be fed to nervous, anxious or temperamental horses.

Calmex® Equine is a non-sedating, complementary feed, which can be given to support horses suffering from either acute or chronic stress. It is important to aid horses suffering from stress as it can have a negative impact on a horse’s overall health, welfare and performance.  

Acute Stress: 
Horses are naturally a prey species and sometimes, when frightened, their natural response to flee can be problematic, posing a safety risk to both the horse and handler. It has been shown that acute stress, such as that from transportation or races, can have a negative impact on performance.
 Examples of causative factors of acute stress: 
loud or unusual noises such as fireworks or building work
veterinary visits
farrier visits
separation of the mare and foal 
loading and transportation 

Chronic Stress: 
Behavioural responses to chronic or long-term stress can be very difficult to observe. This may be seen in the horse as less interaction between herd mates or more aggressive behaviour towards handlers and other horses.
 Chronic stress has been shown to be a factor in the development of gastric ulcers, as well as stereotypies such as crib-biting or windsucking.
 Examples of causative factors of chronic stress:
moving to a new yard
introduction to new riders
new stable mates
extended stabling due to injury or laminitis 
poor handling, riding, training or breaking

Calmex® Equine can be fed long-term to support the health of the nervous system and to promote calm and stress free behaviour.

Calmex® Equine can be fed to any horse that is nervous, anxious or temperamental. Horses exposed to novel situations are more likely to develop stress.

Feeding Guidelines:

Body Weight
Calmex® Equine Feeding Advice

Up to 350kg (pony)
half sachet

351 – 600kg (horse)
one sachet

Over 601kg (large horse)
one and a half sachets

Calmex Equine® should be fed in conjunction with a balanced diet.
Calmex Equine® is manufactured to GMP standards.

Magnesium: ¦essential macroelement required for cellular energy- dependent reactions and calcium channel function
 important for regulation of neuroexcitation
 exercising horses have a higher requirement7
 studies show that deficiency can result in dysregulation of the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis and anxiety8
 normally found in grass but some equine diets may be deficient, especially when there are rich pastures (particulary in Spring), acidic soils and high concentrate diets7
 B-Complex Vitamins: ¦essential for neurotransmitter formation and function of the nervous system
 L-Tryptophan: ¦essential amino acid
 precursor of the neurotransmitter serotonin
 increased tryptophan in the central nervous system equates to increased serotonin

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