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Acclaim Flea Spray 500ml


Acclaim household flea spray is used to eradicate or prevent flea infestations in the home.

One 500ml can, can be used to:

  • Treat 140 square metres.
  • Kill fleas for 6 months.
  • Prevent fleas from breeding for 12 months. 
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RRP £23.32

Availability: In stock

RRP £23.32

Availability: In stock

Acclaim Flea Spray 500ml

Fleas become a pest when they breed in nooks and crannies around your home, building up a large population, most of which is not on your pets at any one time, so cannot be treated by products applied to them. Treating your house for fleas makes more sense than treating your animals sometimes, because there can be as many as 100 developing fleas in the environment for every 1 flea on your pet!

A Guide to using Acclaim® :

  • Remove all pets and children from the room being treated Vacuum thoroughly.
  • Close all windows and doors and spray all carpets, exposed floor boards, soft furnishings and cracks and crevices with a sweeping action holding the can at knee height.
  • Leave the product (Acclaim®­) to settle for about 10 minutes before airing the room.
  • Pets and children may return as soon as surfaces are dry to the touch, usually 10-20 mins.

After Care :

  • Regular vacuuming will encourage maximum hatch of the immature stages, ensuring rapid control.
  • Vacuum living areas before going to bed and bedroom areas in the morning. This will ensure rooms are vacant after vacuuming thus reducing the likelihood of fleas biting.

Hints and Tips :

  • Fleas living under exposed floor boards can be difficult to treat and hatching may be prolonged.
  • When an infestation is established, adult fleas may be seen for some weeks following spraying. This is because the existing pupae must hatch before they can be killed, it is quite normal and the flea spray will still be working.
  • When the heating is turned up or an unused room is disturbed this can activate dormant fleas.
  • Human bedding and clothing does not need to be sprayed; a warm wash will kill eggs and larvae.
  • Remember to treat the whole house, the car and any outbuildings frequented by the pet.

Extra information :

Eggs are laid by a flea on your pet, then they drop off onto the floor or bedding, to develop later into fleas. Sometimes a huge population will build up, completely out of site. They can then develop in waves and infest any pets in the house. Even houses with no carpets are at risk - fleas can easily develop in the gaps between floor boards, skirting boards etc. Every little crevice at floor level in your house needs to be sprayed to prevent fleas from becoming a nuisance.Treatment at the start of the warm weather, before fleas have taken hold, is recommended. T

he fleas you see on your pet are adult fleas which are only 5% of the flea population, the other 95% are made up by the other 3 life stages, which are eggs, larvae and pupa which live in commonly visit area's by your pet, i.e. carpets, bedding, rugs etc.

Acclaim Household Flea Spray is one of the most effective household flea sprays available.

When treating the house care should be taken to treat all of carpets and rugs, skirting boards and tiles, paying particular attention to any cracks, crevices and areas hidden areas by such things like furniture. After spraying it is recommended that the room is closed up for half an hour and then ventilated for a further half hour.

Acclaim Household Flea Spray will interrupt the life cycle by killing the eggs and larvae of the flea but you may see residual adult fleas appearing due to the chemicals being unable to kill off the pupa stage.

An application of Acclaim Household Flea Spray will be active in your home for up to 1 year. One canister is sufficient to cover 140sqm.

Acclaim Household Flea Spray also eliminates ants, cockroaches, ticks, earwigs, silverfish, other bristle tails, centipedes, spiders and beetles.

Active Ingredients: Permethrin (rapidly kills adult fleas).

In order to be effective it will be necessary to treat any animals in the household for fleas and as fleas act as an intermediary host to tapeworm and effective worming treatment is also recommended.

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